Our team

Our team consists of more than 800 employees in more than 40 branch offices worldwide, and their work is guided by innovation and responsibility above everything else. NEO@Ogilvy applies strategic, data-based campaign approaches, drawing upon findings and analytics across all digital disciplines. At the Prague office, 11 people will look after your campaign including externs.

  • Petr Struna

    Petr Struna

    Managing Director

  • Ivana Vávrová

    Ivana Vávrová

    Senior Digital Strategist

  • Michala Brožová

    Michala Brožová

    Senior Digital Planner

  • Hana Kernerová

    Hana Kernerová

    Head of Search Performance

  • Waiss Fakiri

    Waiss Fakiri

    Online Media Manager

  • Petr Chloupek

    Petr Chloupek

    Online Strategy Planner / Data Analyst

Career opportunities

We at NEO@Ogilvy believe in talent development. We are looking for the very best candidates who have the potential to become leading figures in the field - at all levels. We look after their career development and take care to integrate them into the NEO@Ogilvy family. Please email your CV to: media@neoogilvy.cz.

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