Our approach

We provide our clients with efficient solutions on both the local and global level, thanks to the skill base of our worldwide NEO@Ogilvy network. We believe in the superior performance of connected, multi-channel campaigns over disjointed, isolated offers. No one consumes media in a vacuum, which is why we would like to present you with the benefits that make sharing our approach to campaigns worthwhile.

Our solutions

We are specialists from various disciplines and backgrounds, and we run campaigns such that they form an interconnected mesh enveloping the client's customers. We prepare individual media plans that take into account the needs of the given firm and its customers, thus unlocking the very best campaign implementation tools and procedures for our clients, in perfect alignment with their goals.

  • Strategic planning and purchasing of online media.
  • Performance display
  • Programmatic buying

Display advertising is the fastest-growing channel among on-line media. The purchasing technology becomes ever more refined, with more accurate targeting and better marketing communication than at any time before. Real-time programmatic purchasing of impressions, as well as retargeting and creating audiences, can make a campaign deliver stunningly good results. We have access to the ad space portfolio of the largest publishers, and are thus in a position to combine new technologies with classic impression purchasing on extremely favorable terms.

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  • Strategy within the framework of SEM (paid search)
  • SEO page optimization
  • Search on social networks (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Search advertising is one of the cornerstones of any online campaign. Search advertising allows you to address those users who proactively look for information on your products or services. Whether the goal is brand building, product presentation, or getting users to fill in a form, search advertising is a suitable channel for a variety of campaign types with diverse targets. Our clients primarily use it for performance campaigns with their more stringent metrics, where performance and sales results need to be delivered.

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Programmatic purchasing and real-time bidding

The world of digital media is rapidly changing, and we and our clients must adapt to ever more stringent demands when it comes to the precision of targeting and the quality of marketing communication. RTB technologies allow you to buy high-value, targeted display impressions through real-time auctions, thus making the process of reaching your customer through banner advertising much more efficient and limiting the campaign focus to the relevant target group.

Way back in 2010, we were one of the first agencies in the Czech Republic to build a campaign on real time bidding. Since 2012, we have been using Google's state-of-the-art platform Doubleclick Bid Manager to manage campaigns for our clients. We have also implemented campaigns on other platforms such as Sizmek, Adform, Tubemogul, Mediamath, Trade Desk or Appnexus, and are able to apply our experience to any campaign of our clients, no matter which technological solution they use. Don't be afraid of change, ask us about programmatic purchasing and RTB!

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  • Designing affiliate strategies
  • Affiliate campaign housekeeping and support
  • Negotiations with partners and relationship maintenance
  • Measurements, analytics, and fraud management

Affiliate marketing programs deliver guaranteed performance, at clearly defined costs. They represent another source of traffic that should not be underestimated and that will help you increase sales and attract new customers. At the same time, it is an opportunity that plays an ever growing role in marketing plans. Communicating to a suitable target audience for the advertised product or service helps you increase sales figures.

You may object that affiliate marketing represents a "microcosm" of sorts within the digital ecosystem. The latter comprises all types of channels, so that, in a way, you as the trader might lose control over your brand. This is one of the reasons why you should team up with a partner who carefully and effectively manages the affiliate campaign and integrates these activities into a broader marketing mix.

Thanks to the broad range of configuration options, affiliate programs can be fully tailored to the client's needs, in terms of defining the collaboration model (price per lead, sale, or "revenue share"), sources of traffic, the types of advertising material, metrics, etc.

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Digital production
  • Web consulting
  • Web design
  • Banner design
  • Content strategy development

Any production associated with your campaign is as important to us as campaign planning itself. UX analysis of the conversion funnel, banner production, or testing of variants – we know from experience that the quality of production may have significant impact on the campaign results, and thus focus on top-notch workmanship and tried-and-tested "best-practice" solutions.

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Almost all our campaign-related decisions are based on data. Analytics, measurability, clear results: these we consider to be the basic building blocks of our work. Properly determine the ROI of your campaign, choose the right attribution model for your evaluation, identify the right target group, analyze your customers and their online behavior, and measure the effectiveness of your campaign across all channels. All this data will help you make the right decisions and run an efficient campaign.

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We take great pains to maximize price efficiencies, using systems designed to optimize campaigns in real time.


We optimize campaigns across all online channels, using proprietary statistical attribution modelling. We strive to increase revenues for our clients and to optimize their media performance. We are in a long-term, collaborative relationship with most of our clients.

Local and global reach

We assist local and global clients alike. We take care of campaign management for supranational clients in the areas of programmatic buying and paid search. We offer one-stop campaign management capabilities that allow us to oversee campaigns abroad for Czech clients, and vice versa.


We work based on a transparent pricing model. If the circumstances are right, we are prepared to work based on a success fee.

Exceptional creativity and quality

The effectiveness and originality of our work is regularly acknowledged locally and globally. We have a proven track-record in both creative excellence and efficiency maximization.

Over the last four years, Ogilvy group projects have been awarded by: IMC Awards, Epica Awards, PIAF, EFFIE, Louskáček (ADC Awards), Czech Direct & Promo, Internet Effectiveness Awards, and WEBTOP 100.

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